How to Live the Vegan Lifestyle in Central Florida

As many as 6% of all consumers in the U.S. are now vegan, representing a 500% increase in just seven years. Whether you live in Central Florida or are simply on vacation, you may wonder if areas like Orange, Brevard, or Volusia counties are vegan-friendly. The truth is that there is a wide array of vegan food, fashion, and even beauty choices to make in these and other central areas. The following are just a few must-visit establishments to check out while you’re in town.

Vegan Restaurants Abound

If you love nothing more than trying out new restaurants, you will be spoiled for choices in or close to Central Florida. Just a few of the most popular plant-based restaurants in areas such as Daytona Beach, Port Orange, or Ormond Beach are Evolve Modern Vegan Kitchen, Wild Rabbit Bistro, Back to Eden Vegan Vegetarian Café, Dancing Avocado Kitchen, and the Oliv Epicurean Grill.

Evolve, for instance, serves “modern vegan” dishes exclusively, recreating comfort foods such as burgers, nachos, beer cheese and other delicious treats, made with plant-based substitutions. At this restaurant, home chefs can find inspiration for a wide array of home-cooked meals, either by shopping for required ingredients or ordering a vegan meal kit (which has all the ingredients served and prepared for quick cooking). Of course, the best vegan meal kits go beyond basic dishes and veer into flavor-packed territory, featuring dishes from all over the world – including stews, curries, and hearty burritos.

Clubs in Central Florida

If you love cookups, meetups and festivals, then you will enjoy signing up to a vegan club and meeting others who can inform you on everything from vegan stores close by to new recipes to try out. Check out groups such as Animal Activities of Central Florida or the Vegetarians of Central Florida. The latter is a group that was founded in 2003, and its aim is to support vegans, vegetarians, and those in transition to the plant-based lifestyle. This October, the group will be holding the Central Florida Veg Fest, featuring cooking demonstrations, a veggie kids zone, live music, and more.

Shopping for Skincare

In Florida, as it stands, most of the bigger vegan skincare stores are located in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. However, bearing in mind that Orlando is just a few minutes away, it is very much worth your while taking the short drive required. One place to check out for a wide array of skincare products is Do it Vegan in Orlando. All products are made with organic ingredients and the shop also stocks CBD products and crystals. The shop also hosts art classes and has its very own vegan market featuring everything from meat substitutes to plant-based cheeses.

The U.S. is increasingly embracing veganism with concerns about the environment and a wish to be kinder to animals on the minds of many. Central Florida is a great place to go plant-based, as it is home to a host of vegetarian, vegan, and vegan-friendly establishments. For vegan shopping you may have to take a short (or longer drive) to Miami, Tampa, or Orlando, but shopping is a good excuse as any to take a day off and explore new sights, flavors, and sounds.


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