7 Amazing, Uniquely Orlando Coffee Shops That You Must Try

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Whether it is a place to meet with people, eat, have a break from work and studies, or concentrate better, coffee shops are popular places to do all of these things. Coffee is also known for boosting energy levels and even supporting brain health. In moderation, coffee can bring other benefits.

In the 17th century, coffee shops were called coffee houses, and people from Oxford started calling these shops “penny universities” because they could pay for a cup of coffee and gain access to intellectual discussions and debates. Maybe the reason why people enjoy going to coffee shops to study and work has accompanied the history of coffee.

Among large U.S. cities, Orlando ranks number one in coffee shops per capita, giving many different options and places to visit.

Here is a list of some coffee shops you might not be familiar with around Central Florida.


1.  Mecatos Bakery & Café Lake Nona

10783 Narcoossee Rd Suite 125 – 129, Lake Nona

A taste of Colombia in Orlando! Famous for its Colombian Coffee and traditional food, the coffee shop started as a family-owned business. Guests say that their empanadas are a must!


2.  ReThink Food+Drink

1150 Douglas Ave. Ste 1010, Altamonte Springs

With several different coffee, smoothie, and juice options, ReThink also offers breakfast food, sandwiches, salads, and Acai Bowls. The Honey Cinnamon Latte is one of their favorites, and the coffee shop also says that one thing that sets them apart from other coffee shops is that they are also health conscious. 


3.  San Julián’s Coffee Bar

10 Orlando Ave suite 4, Winter Park

San Julian’s Coffee Bar is a Colombian coffee shop, but its main focus is the coffee by itself. Their social media says it is “the best place to share and be relax.” Located in Winter Park, their main audience is Latin people, and they say that being at San Julian’s Coffee Bar is almost like going to Colombia without actually being there.

When people go there, they go for the special Colombian coffee, and the coffee shop says they have really good lattes to try.


4.  Paloma Coffee Co.

507 Main St, Windermere

Offering different menus during Holidays and even Halloween, the coffee shop has cold and hot drinks, some of them with a mixture of lemon and lavender, running away from the traditional and simple. And let’s not forget the bakery! 


5.  Cups and Pups Coffee

1307 Edgewater Dr, College Park

Cups and Pups is a dog-friendly coffee shop. They specialize in Cold Brew delivery, but their menu offers different kinds of lattes for all tastes! Besides that, Cups and Pups Coffee can also bring their craft coffee to events such as weddings and baby showers!  


6.  Three Birds Cafe

2 W Plant St, Winter Garden

If you want something to eat, Three Birds Cafe offers sandwiches, brunch, and of course… Coffee. With various coffees to choose from, the coffee shop also has holiday-themed coffees!

Three Birds says that the atmosphere is one of their favorite things about their coffee shop, and the sandwiches and lattes are the perfect combination for all guests who visit.


7.  Holy Grain Coffee Shop

6965 Piazza Grande Ave #104

Founded by Lilian Trevisan, a Brazilian woman, the coffee shops came because she was missing her home country’s coffee. With an extensive menu, the coffee shop recommends their special Brazilian Cappuccino. 

Holy Grain says their priority is establishing a strong relationship with their clients, who always come for the Brazilian special and homemade food and drinks.


Central Florida has a lot of different local coffee shops. Each of them has its specialty and singularity. With different food and lattes, they are all ready to receive new guests. The next time you want to go to one to study, work or relax, why not try something different?


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