Thankful for You

For the mulled wine


1 bottle of red wine

Honey (small jars or packets)

1 orange

Cinnamon sticks

Whole cloves

Star anise

Optional additions: bottle of apple cider, mini bottles of rum or brandy, lemon or lime

Wine glass (Pictured: Corkcicle Classic Stemless)

To bring it all together

Items to purchase

Basket, any variety

Thick ribbon, any color

Tissue paper, any color

Glass jar


Step 1

Put cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and star anise inside the glass jar. If you’re using honey packets (as pictured), include them in the jar as well. Otherwise, place a small jar of honey or honey packets in the basket separately and use a smaller glass jar that fits just the spices.

Step 2

Arrange the tissue at the bottom of the basket to add some cushion for the items you will be including and to also give them height. Neatly place the wine, glass jar of ingredients, orange, Corkcicle Classic Stemless and any optional additions on top of the tissue paper. Cut ribbon (enough to surround the basket plus an additional 18 inches on each side) then arrange it around the basket and tie a bow.

The Finished Product

This easy DIY results in a hostess gift that is completely customizable, not only to the recipe you want to use but also to the preferences of the hostess. Choose a basket, ribbon and tissue paper to match the theme of the party and make sure to include her favorite wine as well as her favorite color Corkcicle Classic Stemless. Top it off with a recipe card illustrating the mulled wine recipe that matches in the ingredients in the basket.  

5 Tips for a Beautiful Basket

  1. Pick your color palette first. While you can theme it to the party décor, also consider matching your colors with the occasion you’re celebrating or the season you’re in. Or go with what the hostess likes best and match it to her favorite colors.
  2. Find a basket to match. Whether it’s a metal, iron or woven basket with neutral or vivid colors, the options are endless. That’s why it’s easier to choose the colors of the tissue paper and ribbon first so you can find a basket that is just right.
  3. Change it up. You don’t have to use tissue paper to add some height. Consider using crinkle cut craft paper to also add some texture. It comes in a variety of colors just like tissue paper. Or wrap the basket in a pretty wrapping paper if you’re celebrating Christmas or a birthday.
  4. Head to Pinterest for a mulled wine recipe. Obviously, you want to do this before hitting the store for ingredients. We mixed and matched a couple of our favorite recipes to come up with one that we knew our hostess would love based on her personal preferences.

Include a handwritten recipe card. Let your hostess know exactly how to make the mulled wine with this final personal touch.


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