8 Frightening Films To Watch This Halloween Season

Set the vibe for a spooky movie night with some of our favorite Halloween flicks for everyone in the family.

It’s fall! Get ready for Halloween by lighting your candy corn candles, popping some popcorn and putting on one (or all) of these menacing movies. 

“Hocus Pocus”: The story of the Sanderson Sisters comes to life in this family-approved movie of mischief. After Max accidentally frees the Sandersons, he is helped by his sister Dani, and their new friends Allison and a centuries old cat named Binx, to defeat the witchy sisters.

“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”: We’re doomed if we missed this wholesome and wacky movie about the beloved Peanuts character Charlie Brown and his friends. Watch how Charlie, Snoopy, Sally, Lucy, Linus and more create their costumes, trick-or-treat and stake out for the mysterious Great Pumpkin. 

“Coraline”: Everything is not always what it seems. That’s what Coraline finds out after traveling to an alternate universe where “Other Mother” and “Other Dad” seem better in every way. Coraline must find her parents and the souls of three lost children in order to return home – or she must stay in the “Other World” – forever! 

“A Quiet Place”: SHH! Don’t make a peep otherwise the creepy creatures from out of this world will hunt you down. At least that’s what the Abbott family must live with after sound hating aliens have taken over. Their oldest child is deaf and they use their ability to communicate through sign language to help them. Their greatest strength is the love they have for each other.

“A Quiet Place Part II”: This time the remaining family embarks on a journey to help others after they discover the creatures have a weakness. They must rely on one another and the help of new and old friends.

“The Craft”: A story of four unpopular high school girls who form a coven after Sarah Bailey moves to town. They use witchcraft to achieve everything they want, but can they hold on to their newfound power or will they lose it all?

“Thir13en Ghosts”: A widowed father and his two children move into an eccentric house they inherited from their eclectic uncle. They soon find out they are not the only things living in the house. They must battle paranormal beings and escape the haunted house with the help of a nanny, attorney, ghost activist and psychic.

“Ghostbusters: Answer the Call” (2016): This remake features four quirky ladies and a handsome assistant who start a ghost-catching business in New York City. The hilarious team must overcome doubt as they help to rid the city of evil scientists and ghosts!


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Written by Kendall Beebe

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