Spotlight On: Linda “Red” Harrison

From consultant CEO to award-winning abstract artist, Linda “Red” Harrison has found a way to let her logical self and her creative self flourish.

It’s rare when the left-brain and the right-brain merge in one person with equal force, but that is exactly what has happened in Linda “Red” Harrison’s case.

Harrison earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida and her MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology. The next 25 years were marked developing solutions in healthcare, logistics, information technology and, finally, forming her own consulting company. However, the pull of creative expression, art and nature were ever present.

Her parents and paternal grandmother were avid amateur artists, working with a variety of mediums. She loved watching her dad draw with charcoals or her mom create ceramics. They encouraged her creativity through summer art classes, designing clothes, studying music and cooking – traditional Louisiana soulful cooking. Harrison has since become an award-winning artist with the art signature of “Red” because, “the color represents strength, passion and spirit – just the elements I want to express in my artwork.” 

Today, Harrison divides her time between running her management consulting company and her studio sanctuary.

“Abstract art allows me to freely express my creative spirit with imagination not bound by reality,” Harrison says. “Through the use of color, movement, textures and shapes; my abstracts come to life. I create with brushes, palette knives and often just my fingers using oils and acrylics. I love the free-flowing movement of abstracts. It is my inner voice talking.”

She expresses her passion through abstract painting by using oils and acrylics. They are a blend of bold color, movement, shapes and textures to bring drama and emotion center stage by blending elements of everyday life and nature.

Harrison is inspired by nature’s spiritual energy and her love of music. She says that her art is an adventure, something that is daring, whimsical, passionate and challenging, but always expressive. She says abstract art allows her to freely express her creative spirit with imagination not bound by reality. 

“I don’t choose the content, it chooses me. I paint best when I let my hands do the talking,” she says.

For each painting she writes an art story to assist in connecting her audience and collectors with her paintings.

“Art tells a story, but there is often an intriguing tale behind its creation,” Harrison says. “My narratives are woven with facts about music, interesting tidbits about history, accounts of nature’s inspirational spirit, and descriptions of how color influences us; and of course, I share my life experiences that are intertwined in the painting’s essence.”

For those who wish to pursue a career as an artist or simply just want to use art as a creative outlet Red wants you to remember to be true to yourself.

“Be yourself, believe in yourself and keep the fun in your creative endeavors,” Harrison says.

Harrison’s artwork can currently be found at these showcases:

  • Boundless Color Exhibit Galeria Restaurant, Orlando, FL – 3 paintings on exhibit through November 1.
  • Color Without Boundaries Exhibit at CREDO, Orlando FL – 3 paintings on exhibit – through November 19.

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