Hosting a Virtual Game Night

Quarantining at home may seem like endless nights on the couch going stir crazy, but getting creative with a virtual game night can spice up your social distancing! Whether you’re looking to connect with your best friend or get the whole family involved, there are tons of virtual game night options you can choose to use!

Here are our top 10 games for the best virtual game night.

Board Games That Aren’t Boring

Monopoly can be played with friends or family virtually in this free version available online at! This game is compatible on any web browser and is a great way to stay connected to the old school style games in a new way!

Heads Up at Home

Heads up is a fun group game where one player holds a word above their head and the other players must act it out or describe it in an attempt to get the one player holding the card to guess what it says! This game is similar to charades but a bit easier to host virtually via different alternatives! Ellen Degeneres’s app Heads Up is now available on HouseParty, a webcam video streaming service! 

Acting It Out While Staying In

Charades always gets a group up on their feet or at the edge of their seats trying to guess the correct answer! This game also just might be the perfect answer to your virtual game night! To host a virtual charade simply email a list of prompts and have members of the group print and cut them up. Host a zoom call with your teams and have each player pick their prompt then act it out for their team members! If the player up picks a prompt that has already been acted out then simply skip and pick another prompt! The team with the most points from guessing their team’s charade correctly wins!

Social Distance Scattergories

This listicle game puts players under pressure as the timer starts ticking! Scattergories also may make the time seem to tick faster as groups can have endless fun with this online version! This version available at is the same concept of the board game featuring a assigned letter, a list of categories to fill, a timer and all the same fun but with a virtual lay out! This virtual option is compatible with hosting group sessions and is great for friends and family!

Game Shows on Your Screen

The Game Show Network hosts many addictive games right on our tv screens but what if your party could play instead of just watching! To participate in an online game show night simply grab your group and a game of virtual trivia on QuizUp! This mega app is available free for download and allows you to play trivia against your friends in real time with thousands of categories! Simply download the app on the App Store or Google Play, start a shared trivia match and get the whole group on a zoom call to up the anticipation as you go to head to head for trivia points!

Cards Against Humanity- But For All of Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a card game that many adults love to play for its hilarious antics, but now it’s offered in a family friendly version! In this card game one player asks the group a question from a black card, and then everyone answers it with their funniest white card. To play this family friendly version simply visit to download the free pdf! Email this pdf to your friends and family so everyone can cut out their cards and participate on a Zoom or Skype call for a night of endless laughs!

Words With Friends – and Family Far Away!

To host a virtual Scrabble go head to head with another friend on the Words With Friends app or to involve more players start a zoom call and invite up to three members to a game of Scrabble on! This game invites players to craft up many creative words but this idea can be chalked up to three – virtual family fun!

Card Games and Classics

For an easy virtual game night invite your group to join you on! This website allows users to start game rooms with friends, playing games such as Checkers, Go Fish, Crazy Eight and other classics! Start a zoom call to chat with friends while you compete, play and have a great time!

Virtual Verbals

Verbal questionnaire games lead to endless conversations for your group! Play verbal options such as Never Have I Ever, or have you and your group members ask trivia questions about yourselves to see who knows you best! To up the excitement, host a cocktail party night for your group that is 21 and over! Make players drink each time they put a finger down or get a trivia question about each other wrong!

Taking on Tabletopia

If looking to engage in a more unique board game check out! This website hosts more than 800 options where players can invite up to eight friends in real time! This website offers unique options for virtual board games ranging from mystical science fiction to murder mystery!


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