Florida’s Favorite Celebrity Style Icons Revealed

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Taylor Swift Tops the List as Florida’s Style Icon

Taylor Swift has been named Florida’s top celebrity style inspiration, attracting an impressive average of 4,527.7 Google searches per month related to her wardrobe. Following her are Old Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe and pop sensation Ariana Grande, rounding out the top three most-loved celebrity fashion icons in the state. The study reveals that these famous names also feature prominently in the global ranking of celebrities with the most iconic styles, with Taylor Swift crowned as the top style icon worldwide.

New Research Highlights Taylor Swift as Florida’s Most Loved Style Icon

A recent study conducted by fashion experts at Boohoo analyzed the average monthly search volume for nearly 200 celebrities known for their fashion sense. The analysis included famous names from the 1960s to the present, using search terms like “style,” “wardrobe,” and “outfits” to identify and rank those who provide the most style inspiration globally.

Florida’s Top Celebrity Style Icons

According to the study, Taylor Swift ranks as the top style inspiration in Florida, with an average of 4,527.7 monthly searches related to her fashion. Marilyn Monroe follows with 3,293.8 searches, and Ariana Grande ranks third with a monthly average of 1,568.3 searches in the state.

Top Celebrity Style Icons in Florida:

Rank Celebrity Avg. Monthly State Search Volume
1 Taylor Swift 4,527.7
2 Marilyn Monroe 3,293.8
3 Ariana Grande 1,568.3

Global Style Icons

The study also revealed the top celebrity fashion icons worldwide, highlighting the most influential figures in the fashion industry.

Most Loved Celebrity Style Icons in the World:

#1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift emerges as the most searched celebrity for style inspiration, with an average of 237,950 searches worldwide every month. This accounts for 15% of all monthly searches related to the nearly 200 celebrities analyzed in the study. Known for her preppy chic style, classic looks, and iconic red lip, Swift’s fashion has become the most iconic celebrity style of the 2020s.

#2 Marilyn Monroe

The original ‘blonde bombshell,’ Marilyn Monroe, remains one of the most influential style icons globally, with an average of 96,864 monthly searches for her style. Her simple yet elevated pieces, exuding sensuality and femininity, continue to inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

#3 Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton ranks third with an estimated 68,838 global searches per month. Her refined, sophisticated wardrobe, often featuring tailored pieces in solid colors or classic patterns, blends traditional elements with a modern touch, epitomizing the ‘quiet luxury’ trend.

#4 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande secures the fourth spot with 65,879 monthly searches worldwide. Her glamorous red carpet style, paired with signature hairstyles, and her relaxed street style offer plenty of fashion inspiration, often combining oversized items with feminine touches.

#5 Lady Gaga

Known for her memorable red carpet moments, Lady Gaga ranks as the fifth most loved celebrity style icon globally, with an average of 59,103 searches every month. Her eclectic, ever-changing style uniquely portrays her personality, captivating fans worldwide.

Top Ten Most Loved Celebrity Style Icons in the World:

Rank Celebrity Global Avg. Monthly Search Volume (2020-2024)
1 Taylor Swift 237,950
2 Marilyn Monroe 96,864
3 Kate Middleton 68,838
4 Ariana Grande 65,879
5 Lady Gaga 59,103
6 Billie Eilish 51,854
7 Kendall Jenner 51,408
8 Princess Diana 46,452
9 Audrey Hepburn 43,841
10 Meghan Markle 40,369


The experts at Boohoo commented: “It is fascinating to know which celebrities have the most influence on fashion choices in 2024. While trends and seasons change, styling choices stem from several different sources, and our favorite stars of the silver screen are among the most common influences. The findings suggest that although viral trends and aesthetics can be powerful, classic, timeless looks remain the most loved by people across the world, with Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, and Kate Middleton topping the lists.”


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