Celebrate at The Wheel

Enhance the biggest surprise of your life with an incredible light show at The Wheel at ICON Park.

Parents-to-be can choose a unique and extravagant way to reveal their babies’ genders at The Wheel. So what can you expect from a gender reveal? 

With their families and friends gathered on the central lawn, guests will watch The Wheel light up with a pink and blue light show until the baby’s gender is revealed with the final color! The team at ICON Park will work with the parents-to-be to spice it up with creative ideas like balloons, team t-shirts, cake and gifts. A gender reveal package also includes admission to The Wheel for 15 people. 

Local Couple Celebrates Gender Reveal with The Wheel 

Brianna Worth and James Grande of Winter Garden gathered with their closest friends and family members to announce the gender of their baby, but it wasn’t your ordinary gender reveal. Instead, they were surrounded by a sea of colors as a pink and blue show lit up The Wheel at ICON Park. 

While they only wished for a healthy baby, the mom-to-be was 100% confident it would be a boy while the dad-to-be thought it would be a girl. 

“I think I always pictured myself having a boy first, which might be why I’m so strongly leaning towards boy,” Worth says. 

Grande added, “I really don’t have a preference. I’m a big sports fan so it would be cool to have a boy just to have a catch with in the backyard, but you can do that with a girl too.”

The couple chose The Wheel for their big reveal because they had never seen anything like it before. They say that the team at ICON Park made the planning process easy. Worth shared the theme she was interested in, along with several photos, and they took it from there. 

The result was an intimate get-together for those closest to them, complete with beverages, cash bar and cupcakes from on-site bakery Shack Sweets by “Cupcake Wars” winning baker Jillian Hopke. When the colors on The Wheel stopped spinning, it revealed that IT’S A BOY! 

Call 407-601-7907 to discuss your Gender Reveal Celebration with a planner at ICON Park today!


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