Bigger Payouts Proposed for Bingo Players in Florida


The year seems to be starting out right for avid Floridian bingo players, with Senator Joe Gruters proposing a bill that could potentially raise the cap on instant bingo prizes. Filed just last January 26, Senate Bill 840 will not only increase bingo winnings when successfully passed — the bill will also be capable of establishing certain regulations concerning electronic bingo cards.

SB 840: Bingo

This newly proposed bill seeks to make way for bigger payouts by increasing the number of tickets allowed per game. At the moment, legislation in the Sunshine State sets the number of bingo tickets sold per game at 4,000 and the prize payout at least 65% of the total value of the receipts. If, for example, all of the 4,000 tickets were sold at $1 per unit, the winner would usually take home at most $2,600 in prize money. In the event that Gruters’s legislation turns into a law, the limit on the number of tickets per game will be raised to 25,000. This, in turn, could effectively drive up the payout to at least $16,250.

Aside from making the beloved retro game even more exciting, the promising bill is also set to make room for the technological modernization of bingo in Florida. The new bill talks of novel rules that will ensure that only certified, independently analyzed software is permitted to regulate the games. SB 840 also proposes certain regulations concerning bingo software and makes clear a number of restrictions regarding who can operate in-person and electronic bingo games. Anyone who has, in the past, been convicted of fraud or part of illegal gambling rings will be barred from running a bingo game in the state.

Bingo in the Modern World

Bingo has successfully evolved from a grandmother’s pastime to one of today’s most popular retro games played by younger generations across the world — and it’s easy to see why. This particular social game started out in the U.S. at country fairs, and grew in popularity due to its simplicity and fun, customizable mechanics.

The game has also made its way into the digital space, creating a whole new experience for bingo enthusiasts. Indeed, the game rooms on Cheeky Bingo show just how diverse today’s gaming experiences can be in terms of graphics, bonus mechanics, and sound effects. From a fun nod to the ’80s with 80s Babies, to exciting titles like Cheeky Monkey and High Five, the games continue to tap into popular themes. The leading bingo platforms also provide games around the clock, seven days a week, which helps boost the game’s visibility across different demographics. Given its popularity, it isn’t surprising that today, more than $90 million are spent on playing bingo each week in North America alone.

With the new bill making it more enticing to play a few rounds of bingo, this classic game is only expected to become even more popular in Florida in the coming years. For more stories and articles regarding the Sunshine State, make sure to explore our articles here on Central Florida Lifestyle.


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