Three College Student Backpack Essentials You Should Know About

Most college students’ backpack is their lifeline for the school year. If you look into a student’s backpack, you’ll likely find obvious things like paper, pencils, a calculator, a laptop, etc. These things are standard and essential to carry in your over-the-shoulder bag on campus, but some crucial things may be outside your train of thought. Central Florida Lifestyle has three backpack essentials every college student should know about.

Emergency Kit

Long hours of studying and roaming around your university or state college can affect your body. It’s important to prepare for things like the library all-nighter headache. Simple things on hand like Tylenol, sanitary products, or lip balm can be helpful. You can buy pre-made first aid kits or make your own with some of these essentials:



Pain relievers

Wet wipes

Hand Sanitizer



Hair Ties


Electronic Organizer 

Photo courtesy of <a href=httpswwwamazoncomFYY Electronic Organizer Accessories WaterproofdpB09XB27Z9Qref=sxin 17 sbv search btfcontent id=amzn1sym6cfa532e 9c8f 48d2 87a3 a61547a0d3563Aamzn1sym6cfa532e 9c8f 48d2 87a3 a61547a0d356crid=A1T428O1BNU1cv ct cx=backpack+organizationkeywords=backpack+organizationpd rd i=B09XB27Z9Qpd rd r=1114543f 0602 469b 9373 66651be10a30pd rd w=B4rQwpd rd wg=lOoXzpf rd p=6cfa532e 9c8f 48d2 87a3 a61547a0d356pf rd r=2QRAPP8B8APZHVD2N18Sqid=1688505866sbo=RZvfv2F2FHxDF2BO5021pAnSA3D3Dsprefix=backpack+organization2Caps2C90sr=1 1 5190daf0 67e3 427c bea6 c72c1df98776>Amazon<a>

Most class requirements are available digitally, whether you’re taking college classes on campus or online. With your iPad or laptop already in your bag, all the other cords and gadgets can quickly clutter your backpack. 

One efficient way to tackle the cord tornado is with an electronic organizer. An electronic organizer usually has multiple levels in one pouch, each containing several different pockets in each level. The numerous pockets and compartments allow for easy storage and organization of any cord and extra electronic accessory lying in the bottom of your backpack. 

The “Florida” Kit

Photo courtesy of <a href=httpswwwamazoncomSPECIAL MADE Collapsible Leakproof LightweightdpB08QJ53Y5Gref=asc df B08QJ53Y5Gtag=hyprod 20linkCode=df0hvadid=475789739974hvpos=hvnetw=ghvrand=5698363168929212646hvpone=hvptwo=hvqmt=hvdev=chvdvcmdl=hvlocint=hvlocphy=9011796hvtargid=pla 1185339221900psc=1>Amazon<a>

Going to college in the Sunshine State can look different than in other states. One minute the UV index could glare upon your shoulders as you walk to your next class, while the next minute may be filled with a dump of thunderstorms.  CFL’s “Florida” Kit consists of a few items to ensure you’re ready for the weather on campus. 

-Collapsible and Reusable Water Bottle 

-Mini Hand Held Fan



-Fresh Pair of Socks 

-Mini Umbrella 

-Travel Size Sunscreen 

You will want to stay dry when the notorious afternoon showers come to campus. A mini umbrella, poncho, and a fresh pair of socks are a great way to ensure this. If Florida is being, well, Florida, bright beams of sunshine will inevitably follow the afternoon showers. Your “Florida” Kit will come in handy with sunglasses, sunscreen, a mini hand-held fan, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. 

Written by Grayson Keglovic

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