Spotlight on Education: Orlando Catholic Schools

Orlando Catholic Schools are fostering a new generation of learners and leaders. With 14 Catholic schools in Orange and Seminole counties, serving infants through high school students, we are committed to providing children an educational experience rooted in high academic standards and steeped in the Catholic faith and traditions. We strive to ensure the success of all students as they grow to their fullest potential.

A Catholic education is a challenging education. Our curriculum includes classes in language arts, math and sciences and is enhanced with STEM programs, as well as classes in religion, the fine arts, physical education and social studies — all infused with the Catholic faith. 

Our low teacher/student ratio enhances the learning experience, while a diverse range of activities, clubs and athletics brings balance to our students’ lives. Our teachers are certified by the State of Florida.

Jesus is at the center of who we are and sets us apart from other schools. In addition to classroom studies, our students gain a deep understanding of Christ through daily prayer, the regular celebration of Mass, and more. And while all of our students are not Catholic, all share in an understanding of faith and values.  

As such, we believe that it is in sharing our gifts with others that we truly show gratitude to God. Service to others and an awareness of social justice issues are an integral part of each child’s formation.  

Lastly, our campuses are secured by state-of-the-art technologies, giving parents the confidence of knowing that their child is being taken care of, being valued, and being loved as an individual and as a child of God.


Multiple locations in Orange and Seminole counties



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