How to Get Back-to-School Ready

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, prepping school lunches and planning around after-school activities is upon us. Chances are, you and your family aren’t fully prepared to get back into the school-day grind: waking up on time, making breakfast, getting to school on time, and the list goes on and on.

If you feel you blood pressure rising a little bit, take a deep breath and remember you aren’t alone. Families across Central Florida are feeling exactly what you’re feeling. Here are some ideas on how to smoothly transition your family back to school.

Summer vacation brings about a much different schedule then the school year schedule. Whether your children attended summer camp, sleep-away camp, staycations or vacations home or abroad, the daily routine is much different than the school-day routine. A few days before school actually begins, try to start the school-day morning and night routines. Set your alarm clocks a few days in advance to ensure the first few days of school aren’t as much of a shock, and stick to normal bedtimes as soon as possible.

Since your children might not be accustomed to completing homework like they used to, you can sit down with your children and talk about how homework time will become a daily habit. Find a comfortable and quiet place where your child can work on his or her homework every day after school. It is also important to show interest and praise the work your child completed. This makes it feel like less of a chore.

The fun of summer vacation can also make parents forget some important tasks. Don’t forget to schedule a physical for your children. You may be asked to bring a copy of the immunization form in to school. Check with the school to see if you need to bring an updated immunization form for your child, and if so, remember to keep a copy of any medical records you receive from the doctor.

We can’t forget that children might be having some anxiety themselves. A new teacher, classroom and classmates can create some fear for children. Be sure to talk to them and see if they’re worried or anxious. If they are, talk them through the feelings and remind them it’s also a fun and exciting time.

Something that could help motivate and excite your children for going back to school is to get them some new clothes and updated tech. Your children will love a new pair of shoes or some updated gadgets just as much as you would. Amazon has a whole back-to-school section with some incredible deals for all ages. Maybe it’s new headphones, calculator or laptop you’re looking to get for your child. They will be sure to love it.

You can keep the back-to-school jitters and anxiety at bay by thinking proactively about what needs to be done and having these conversations with your children before the school year begins.


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Written by Marc Sznapstajler

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