From Chaos to Classroom: Easy Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Pink piggy bank on top of a stack of three books in front of a black board with Back to School written in chalk.

Back-to-school season can be a whirlwind. Good thing we’re here to make it easy! With these back-to-school tips and tricks, avoid the stress of adjusting to new schedules, check off a long list of school supplies, and ensure your kids have everything they need to feel comfortable on their first day of school.

Lunchbox Love

Going back to school after a long summer at home can be scary. Show your kid some love and keep them motivated throughout their day by dropping little notes of encouragement in their lunchbox. Make their day brighter with lunch box surprises like love notes and every kid’s favorite: candy.

Students spend many hours of the day counting down the minutes until lunchtime. Step up your lunchbox game with fruit kabobs and veggie sushi, or stick to classic snacks like ants-on-a-log and pinwheels sandwiches. Be sure to incorporate foods that energize your kid, such as bananas and blueberries.

Pro Tip: Throw cold snacks like yogurt and applesauce in the freezer the night before school so they will thaw out and stay cold until lunchtime. The frozen treat can double as an ice pack to keep other lunchbox items fresh for the day.

Backpack Survival Kit

Backpacks carry so much more than notebooks and pencils. Beyond books, equip your child with everything they need to survive the day at school. Tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer are essential for any sticky situation kids may face. When the recess bell rings, ensure your child has a water bottle handy to beat Florida’s heat. To minimize the anxiety of returning to school, allow your child to throw a small toy or stuffed animal in their bag to help them feel calm and comfortable while away from home.

When teachers send out the class supplies list, catch all the back-to-school shopping deals during the tax-free week, July 24 through August 6.

Study Schedule

Getting back into the swing of “school time” can be a hassle. Help your kids glide back into their school routine by setting a bedtime, playtime, and study schedule and having them practice their sleep schedules two weeks before school starts. Practicing school routines prior to the start of school will make getting the kids to bed on time and getting them to do their homework seamless once the school year begins.

As most parents know, convincing kids to complete their homework can be challenging. It is essential to set a designated location and time for studying so children can understand the difference between playtime and study time. Of course, if all else fails, providing incentives can be an excellent way to convince your kid. Make completing homework fun by offering kids an extra hour of TV or an extended bedtime.


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Written by Jenna Greaves

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