Amazing After-School Activities to Enrich Your Kid’s Life

Three kids in red shirts on a field. The middle child is holding a soccer ball.

School is back in session, and the kids are finally out of the house, but what happens when the last school bell rings? The kids need something to do, and we’ve got you covered! Discover after-school activities to keep your kid busy and active throughout the year.

Express Yourself- Art Activities 

Songbirds Music, Art, and Dance Center

Songbirds has something for every little artist. Whether your child wants to rock out in a music jam sesh, get crafty in art class, or dance their heart out, Songbirds offers interactive classes for children and teens of all ages, starting as young as six months old. 

Orlando Family Stage

This one is for all the theater kids looking for their next big role. Students have the option to participate in classic productions like “Finding Nemo,” “The Magic School Bus,” and “Broadway Time Machine,” or attend workshops to sharpen their audition skills. Go for the lead, or play a tree! Either way, Orlando Family Stage has a part for children from every grade throughout the school year.


KidzArt makes finding an after-school program easy for both kids and parents. No ride? No problem! Shake the stress of driving your child to their after-school program. KidzArt partners with local schools to offer after-school art classes directly on campus. Check the KidzArt website to see if your child’s school is on the list.

Game On- Sports

Champion Karate

Let your child burn off the day’s energy by learning useful self-defense techniques with Champion Karate’s martial arts classes. Champion Karate’s program emphasizes personal growth, confidence, and discipline with fitness disguised as fun.

Starz Dance Galaxy

Watch your child cascade across the stage like a shooting star after taking classes at Starz Dance Galaxy. Starz Dance Galaxy offers a variety of dance styles, from ballet and contemporary to hip-hop and acro. All levels of experience are welcome starting at age 2. The 2023-24 season classes begin in August, just in time for school.


The Y is a classic after-school spot for children to exercise and find their sports passion. Kids can play basketball, flag football, soccer, tennis, or volleyball. If running around on a hot field is outside your child’s repertoire, the YMCA has an esports team for them.

Helping Hands- Volunteer Work

U.S. Hunger 

It is always early enough to get a head start on volunteer hours. U.S. Hunger is an excellent way for kids and families to interact with others while helping the greater good. U.S. Hunger is a nonprofit that packages and ships ready-to-cook meals to countries in need.

United Against Poverty 

United Against Poverty is a nonprofit supporting homeless and low-income individuals and families. Volunteers ages 10+ can do their part by cleaning, organizing, and sorting through donations.

The Mustard Seed

It only takes something as small as a mustard seed to make a tremendous impact. Teens age 12+ can leave their mark on the community by volunteering at The Mustard Seed’s Seed Boutique and Community Shop. Volunteers sort donations, hang clothes, restock shelves, and organize items by size.


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Written by Jenna Greaves

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