DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Made With Love

Are you looking for a unique gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? There is nothing more personal and meaningful than making something with your hands. A personally crafted gift shows compassion and effort. Here are a few ideas on the perfectly DIYed gift to give your partner. 

Personalized Jackets

You and your partner can sort through your closets and exchange old denim jackets or choose to buy some at the thrift store. After acquiring the jackets, you can decorate them with your partner’s favorite things in the form of pins, patches, loose fabric, and more. You can get pins of their favorite music artists or brooches and funky iron-on patches of the things that interest them. 

If you have any loose fabric or purchase some fabric swatches, you can make a patchwork pattern in their favorite colors or even use your old shirts so they can carry a piece of you. You may also use fabric markers or paint to get even more personal, to write a special message, or paint something extra to add that perfect touch. When it is time to trade gifts, you will have a jacket that reflects your taste and showcases your partner’s view of you.

A Photo Album 

Throwback to the 90s and bring back physical copies of your photos! Go to the store and pick up any photo album; if you want to make it even more special, you can decorate the cover. Now you can go to any photo lab and print out all the favorite photos of you and your significant other together so you can stop scrolling through all the screenshots and dog photos in your photo gallery when you need to find that perfect date night picture. A typical 4×6 usually costs around 30 cents per photo, so go nuts!  

Handmade Jewelry

If you are not too artistic but want to make something personal, the jewelry supply aisle in a craft store comes to your rescue. There are many beads, chains, strings, and charms to choose from to make that perfect piece of jewelry for your significant other. You can get some beads you know they will love and make a charm bracelet. Funky beaded necklaces were a fashion favorite in 2022, so you can be sure your partner will love them!

A Hand Sewn Stuffed Animal

On the nights you can’t spend together, your partner can still have a little piece of you. If you are skilled with a needle and thread, you can go to the craft store and pick up some stuffing, buttons, or any other fabric you would like. When choosing your little friend, you can pick out the typical teddy bear or make your partner’s favorite animal. The choice is yours! Make your little stuffed animal, sew on the eyes, and now you have another special someone for your partner! 

Written by Ellie Nas

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