The Magic Behind Hamilton’s Kitchen: Deep Dive With the Chefs

three Hamilton's Kitchen chefs

Nestled inside the renowned Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Hamilton’s Kitchen is a haven where flavors, artistry, and passion align. At the restaurant, Executive Chef Stephen Doyle and twin Sous Chefs Neil and Matt Corbin craft meals into memorable experiences. Pulling back the curtain, we find that food is not just sustenance but a vibrant art form. 

Chef Stephen’s Unpredictable Journey:

From Ireland’s green landscapes to mechanical engineering to Orlando’s bustling kitchens, Chef Stephen’s journey to Orlando was anything but predictable.

“The funny story was when I came here, I ended up cutting my fingers, so I was like, ‘I’m never putting my fingers in the engine again,’ so I picked up a chef knife instead,” he laughed. 

Starting at Calico Jack’s Oyster Bar, his passion for delighting patrons propelled him up the culinary ranks. Today, as the Executive Chef of Hamilton’s Kitchen, he envisions a bustling space renowned for its five-star experiences. And what better way to reach the goal than by leading an extraordinary team that is just as passionate about food and results?

The Corbin Twins: Culinary Synchrony

Boston-born with Barbadian roots, Matt and Neil Corbin’s culinary love story began by watching their mother cook. While Neil’s culinary aspirations were clear early on, Matt’s shift from carpentry to cooking was a delightful twist. So, when their parents asked them to move to Orlando, they accepted the request. The rest is a match made in heaven.

“Neil came to me first. If I forget something, he’s already done it, and to have somebody like that is amazing,” Chef Stephen said. “So, I said to him one day, ‘you don’t happen to have another one of you, and he goes, yeah, I do actually, my brother,’ so I got a two for one.”

Matt and Neil have always shared similar interests. Sparked during the pandemic, their new love for gardening fuels their culinary creativity at home and work. 

“Growing our own food just makes us want to experiment with the fresh ingredients in our yard,” Neil shared, with Matt adding, “It’s best fresh. I love seeing everything grow from nothing to ready to pick and put on a plate.”

Harmonizing at Hamilton’s Kitchen

The twins constantly innovate, drawing inspiration from Disney Springs, cruises, YouTube and TikTok. They have different interests in food styles, but their synergy is undeniable. Matt and Neil even admit that they leave the kitchen the way the other likes. It makes for a seamless transition between the day and night shifts. 

“I don’t even hear them talk sometimes, but they can intertwine so well,” Chef Stephen comments. “There are never any complications, and they never have a bad word to say about each other; they’re just super cool.”

Under Chef Stephen’s guidance, they’re now crafting their own menu items. The job may be challenging sometimes, but they enjoy the tough love.

“[Chef Stephen] is awesome! He’s had my back since I started working here, so he always takes care of me,” Neil said. “He gave me a chance to be a sous chef,” Matt echoed. 

This trio’s collaboration is the cornerstone of Hamilton’s Kitchen’s success. Chef Stephen’s mentorship and the twins’ eagerness to learn and innovate create a nurturing and challenging dynamic. Together, they’re not just serving meals; they’re crafting experiences.


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Written by Alexis George

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