Did You Schedule Your Mammo Yet?

So, the kids are all ready to head back to the class room….did you schedule your mammogram yet?I know what you’re thinking…”at this point, I will just wait until October.”

But the question is WHY WAIT?

Yes, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and “you will for sure schedule it then…” NO, don’t wait! 

All summer, Central Florida Lifestyle has rallied around women that have forgotten about  themselves in order to take care of others and urged them to take care of themselves.We have had such tremendous success in hearing women from all walks of life tell us their stories and experiences.

Our goal is to save a life, save many lives and spread the message–please don’t wait! Pink Nails are in style this summer–get your mammo and get your mani!!

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Written by Kristi Gomen

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