Students Benefit from Innovative Philanthropic Strategic Plan

Initiatives in the school board’s Philanthropic Strategic Plan (PSP) benefit Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) students throughout the year. Recently, JLR Center for Pain Medicine, Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic and Orlando Health Physician Associates invested in Rosemont Elementary School, which is now able to upgrade its clinical staff from a school health assistant to a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

The licensed nurses initiative in the PSP seeks to ensure that every school is staffed with a licensed nurse. The goal of this initiative is to provide an LPN in every elementary school and a registered nurse in every middle and high school. The Winter Park Health Foundation and Orlando Health provide support for multiple schools in their service areas, but the joint gift effort from these three medical groups to support one school is the first of its kind.

The gift’s positive impact is deep, including decreased student absenteeism, resulting in more time to learn; less time taken by teachers, principals and staff for health issues; and improved wellness that will lead to better academic performance overall.

“We are very grateful to these businesses for wrapping their arms around our children,” OCPS Philanthropic Development Director Debi Pedraza says. “I hope this will help inspire other businesses, groups and individuals to consider adopting a school or schools that need an upgraded position. Helping one school means helping hundreds of children and their families.”


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Written by Lyndsay Fogarty

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