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Saadia Alvi, MD Opens Vitality Endocrinology

The board-certified specialist focuses on treatment and prevention through evidence-based conventional and lifestyle medical approaches.

Saadia Alvi, MD Opens Vitality Endocrinology

Saadia Alvi, MD has opened her membership-based care practice, Vitality Endocrinology, in Dr. Phillips, at 7932 West Sand Lake Road, Suite 307. She is a board-certified specialist in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism. Her previous staff positions include Orlando Health South Lake Hospital in Clermont, Florida and Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.

“I’m focusing on my passion for disease prevention, to help my patients achieve long-term optimum health,” said Dr. Alvi. “I believe in managing, treating and preventing many chronic diseases, including diabetes, through the combination of evidence-based conventional and lifestyle medical approaches, with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition.”

The practice offers membership-based care options as an affordable way for patients to access a higher level of endocrine health care and focus on long-term prevention alongside the management of symptoms. Through a combination of ongoing management, monitoring and multi-level treatment, patients have ongoing access to Dr. Alvi for a monthly rate. Fee-for-service appointments are also available.

“I want to ensure my patients understand their treatment options, have plenty of time to get their questions answered, and really take control of their endocrine health,” said Dr. Alvi. “I believe the membership-based care practice model works best for patients with chronic conditions, allowing us to become partners in their ongoing endocrine condition management.”

Dr. Alvi is a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

About Vitality Endocrinology

Board-certified Endocrinology Specialist Saadia Alvi, MD treats endocrine-related conditions, including diabetes and thyroid disorders. Dr. Alvi combines conventional evidence-based and lifestyle medical approaches to provide custom-tailored health care solutions. She is a plant-based endocrinologist and emphasizes prevention, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in her treatment of chronic conditions.


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