PhoneCase® Launches New Marketplace For Artists

One of the biggest challenges many artists face is the ability to monetize their work and pursue their passions. Our goal was to create a place where artists can share their work and allow those who value it to make it part of their everyday life by having it as a smartphone case.

The response has been incredible, people love the JW Collection with the unique style by John Welch and his work have been a perfect fit the marketplace. In addition, to the many styles John highlights legendary musical artists attracting fans from all walks of life. There isn’t to many places you’ll go that people don’t comment on your phone case.


PhoneCase® cases are not only beautiful and eye catching they are made of premium materials and decadent styles, the covers we’ve created for the latest cell phones epitomize luxury designed to turn your technology into a one of a kind accessory.

In addition to being trendy, PhoneCase® has ensured each case is sturdy in order to maximize protection for your phone. Whether it comes equipped with shock absorbing layers, dual layer protection, or a flexible hard shell, each case has been designed specifically to withstand the bumps, drops and knocks of life. Phone Case Cloud is the ultimate phone case outlet offering exclusive designs for smartphone cases.


Inspired by John Welch and Bill Heneghan a serial entrepreneur. John a well known radio personality, found his passion in art and recently released the JW Collection, which features his work honoring some of the world’s greatest musicians like; BB King, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Prince, Willie Nelson and many others.

Initially, John and Bill formed PhoneCase™ to share the JW Collection with the world. Allowing everyone to experience his amazing work everyday. PhoneCase™ has turned into a marketplace where we turn your cell phone into a one of a kind accessory.


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Written by Christopher Bobo

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