MetroWest: A Thriving Community with a Focus on Public Safety

In 2022, MetroWest celebrated the ninth year of its community partnership with Critical Intervention Services (CIS), a Florida-based company specializing in enhancing public safety. This partnership has resulted in the creation of MetroWest Public Safety Officers (PSOs) who serve as community liaisons, working to build relationships with local businesses, community members, the Orlando Police Department, and other law enforcement entities. The PSOs’ ongoing community and business contacts within MetroWest help to promote high standards of public safety and unify residents, business owners, and managers. This emphasis on public safety is one of the reasons that MetroWest has become a sought-after place to live, work, play, and connect.

In addition to its commitment to public safety, MetroWest also saw the arrival of many new businesses in 2022, including MD NOW Urgent Care, Sanitas Medical Center, San Julian’s Coffee, Artisanal Burgers, Hiawassee Wine & Liquor, Brooks Rehabilitation, Sandra’s Health Bar, and OYSTER Dental Clinic. These new businesses, combined with MetroWest’s commitment to public safety, make it an attractive and thriving community.

Written by Nancy Glasgow

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