Did you know that rock climbing is one of the best total-body exercises you can do? In addition to working all the major muscle groups in the body, you can also burn over 500 calories or more in just an hour, making it one of the best and most fun forms of exercise you can do! While rock climbing is a great tool to improve your fitness, the benefits go way further.

The Lake Nona Performance Club houses one of the largest and most sophisticated climbing gyms in the country, featuring climbing routes for beginners all the way to the most advanced. ROX Climbing Gym has something for everyone.


If you are into math, here are some numbers that will get you excited about what we have to offer in our over 6,000 square feet of rock-climbing terrain.


  • Max Height 13’ 6”
  • Beginner Terrain – 642 sq/ft
  • Intermediate Terrain – 831 sq/ft
  • Advanced Terrain – 1350 sq/ft


  • Lead Terrain Wall: Max height 42’ @ 1587 sq/ft – 7 Climbing Lanes
  • Central Tower: Max height 29’ 6” @ 1785 sq/ft – 13 Climbing Lanes


The Lake Nona Performance Club is one of the first climbing centers in North America featuring the new, Walltech by Eldorado Climbing Systems. This is a wood-based climbing system with a glass bead texture. Yes, glass bead. This texture is not only durable but allows great contact while smearing for those high-end climbers but is subtle enough to minimize abrasion for the newer climbers encountering the wall for the first time.


The benefits of ROX goes well beyond the immense size and incredible technology. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have experienced extreme difficulties with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress taking a toll on many in our society. With light at the end of the tunnel, exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief we can do and rock climbing specifically can positively impact many areas of our mental health.


Lake Nona Performance Club takes a great deal of pride in getting children more physically and socially active. Studies show that rock climbing can help a child’s development by improving motor skills, balance and coordination while building stronger social relationships.


Those who are 6-12 years old have the option to participate in Kids in Motion Programming which offers age-appropriate programming in a safe, secure, supervised environment.

  • Ages 6-12 can register for scheduled programs throughout the facility including:
    • Rock Climbing in ROX Climbing Gym
    • Activities on the courts such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, and pickleball
    • Activities on the Sports Performance track
    • Swimming in the Family Pool
    • Yoga for kids

The Lake Nona Performance Club is dedicated to creating the healthiest community in America and ROX is at the center of that initiative. While rock climbing can be fun and entertaining for all ages and fitness levels, the health benefits of rock climbing go much deeper. Whether you are at ROX for your personal fitness, as a corporate outing, or hosting your child’s birthday party, ROX is for everyone.

We at LNPC ROX Climbing Gym think you rock, and we would love to meet you! Scan the QR code to book a tour today to find out how to customize your membership that includes the ROX Climbing Gym.

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