D&G Occasions Cooking Up Big Plans for 35th Anniversary

photo of the owners of D & G Occasions

D& G Occasions

If you are looking for a bake supply store, D&G Occasions is Florida’s Superstore. Established in 1987 the store has grown to be the favorite among Professional Chefs and Home Bakers alike.

D&G Occasions is filled aisle after aisle with a specialty merchandise wonderland on Herndon Ave. (next to the Orlando Executive Airport) which brims with baking and decorating supplies, banners and signs, special event décor, party supplies, custodial goods— even brides and grooms (as in wedding cake toppers). From candles to cannoli shells, coffees to chocolate molds, fondant to over 200 varieties of sprinkles.

Classes for all

When classes are in session for beginners, experts and even kids at the D&G Confectionary Academy for baking and decorating, the enticing aromas of fresh baked goods drift into the main store. That’s when you realize there’s nothing “cookie cutter” about D&G Occasions (OK, more than 1000 kinds of cookie cutters are for sale).

“The talent that comes into this store, the women, the men, the chefs, the pastry artists is just amazing,” says Customer Service Manager and buyer, Francine Luna.  “You get to meet them, and you just see their work – and what they do for the community is just as inspiring, too. It’s great to be a part of something that touches so many people’s lives — it can be a birthday cake to a wedding cake—and we facilitate so much of it here.”

A family affair

D&G Occasions is a family affair!  Robert Luna, Francine’s brother, who has a passion for baking and “a sweet tooth” palette fell in love when he walked into D&G for the first time 10 years ago and he acquired the business six years later. Diana Luna, Robert’s wife, brings her design expertise to the operation. Daughter, Ariana, is so accomplished as the junior chef of the family, she does baking demos and has created her own Sprinkles line, “Ari’s Treats”. College-age son, Alejandro, serves as the inventory specialist and stocker during school breaks. Robert’s nephew, Kalvin, leads their IT and E-Commerce side of the business. A point of pride for the Luna’s is D&G’s online store www.bakesupplyplus.com

35th Anniversary

For its 35th year as Central Florida’s leader in party, candy-making and baking supplies, D&G Occasions is cooking up big plans for a month-long anniversary celebration in September. Customers will be treated to giveaways, baking product demonstrations, and special appearances by guest chefs with baking classes and product promotions.  Furthermore, they are planning an event in support of One Purse, a non-profit organization the Luna family has supported since its inception over 10 years ago.  www.onepurse.org

“D&G Occasions has been special and unique to our customers for years. We offer a wide variety of products including edible images and banners for parties and special events,” Diana says. “We extend the family to our customers. The majority of our customers know each of us on a first-name basis and share their family news when visiting the store.  It’s a business culture that serves the Lunas well and extends to staff.”

In addition, “Almost all our employees were loyal customers before they started working here,” says Diana with a prideful smile.



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