Aussie Grill Now Open for Business in Waterford Lakes

photo of people lined up outside of Aussie Grill Waterford Lakes for the grand opening

Aussie Grill

Aussie Grill Waterford Lakes is now open for business! Inspired by Outback Steakhouse®, Aussie Grill’s bold and bright flavors allow for a memorable and unmatched fast-casual dining experience.  

The first Aussie Grill opened in 2019 in Saudi Arabia, followed by Hong Kong, and the U.S. Aussie Grill at Waterford Lakes is now the sixth location in Florida, and the first in Orlando.  

“This is so exciting because Waterford Lakes is a great community,” says Suk Singh, President of Aussie Grill. “There’s a lot of students, shopping centers and businesses, and the community has been great so far.” 

Culture Matters

From the moment one walks through the doors, they can sense that the environment at Aussie Grill is one of inclusiveness and excitement. The team openly works together to serve its customers.  

“We’ve managed to hire some amazing Aussie’s to work for us,” Singh says. “You feel the energy inside the restaurant. Everybody is smiling, everybody is doing the right thing and our goal is to do the right thing for the customer no matter what. So, taking care of customers and taking care of our employees is our goal.”  

Chef Efrem, the expert mind behind the Aussie Grill menu, adds that the team at Aussie Grill runs as a family. “When we’re working in sync, everyone’s communicating, everyone has everyone’s back and it’s very exciting for the team because they feel amazing gratification when they pump out 150 people in an hour,” he says.  

What’s on the Menu?

The kitchen is designed for optimal time and motion, so it is more efficient. All the food is made fresh to order with the highest quality ingredients, much of which is made in-house. Menu items range from milkshakes to burgers, sandwiches, salads and steak. “Everything is thoughtfully created and curated so when you taste it there’s a symphony of flavors,” Chef Efrem says. There is something for everyone to enjoy.  

Still wondering about the steak? Singh explains that the new cooking technology in Aussie Grill’s kitchen allows the team to cook a steak at different temperatures. This is how Aussie Grill can deliver a steak in a drive-thru in under four minutes, whether it’s cooked rare or well-done.  

“Our food is casual dining quality but served in a fast casual environment,” Singh says. “Price wise, we’re significantly less than casual dining, but the quality is still there and it’s ideal if you want to come and have a quality meal in 20 minutes, that’s possible here. It’s not fast food, it’s fantastic food served fast.” 

So, the next time you’re in Waterford Lakes, be sure to stop by and experience all that Aussie Grill has to offer!   


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