11 Tips From an Interior Designer for Enhancing Your Home Now

interior design

Interior designers always consider function, budget and client goals, including how long one anticipates keeping their interiors. A typical life cycle for style can be approximately seven years. While social distancing continues, I’m working directly with clients through a virtual interior design consultation model that includes virtual walk-throughs and instruction for reinventing homes using existing items.

I believe your home is your sanctuary. These days, we are spending more time at home than ever and sometimes find ourselves looking for a way we can enhance our surroundings. I wanted to help by giving away some top interior design strategies that can transform a room without spending a dime, in many cases. From rearranging all the furniture in a room to using books, loose decorative items and scents to change the atmosphere, helping people easily revamp their space brings me great pleasure and I’m happy to share these tips.

interior design

1. Remove all furnishings so you’re working with a blank canvas.

This enables you to envision the space differently than you would if the furnishings were there. Designers use this method through floor plan iterations and 3D renderings.

2. Arrange your larger furniture first.

You’ll identify quickly which pieces you may need to get rid of or replace so they work within the new layout.

3. Think zones, rather than rooms.

A zone can simply be an area for conversation with two chairs placed next to each other that were once in your foyer. Consider moving these elements into the main living area.

4. Float your furniture.

Most interior designers don’t place all of the furniture against the walls. They arrange a room where sofas and furnishings float, often in the center of a room. Even end tables should be floating.

5. Layer away!

Layer accessories on top of books, such as stones, crystals or sculptural pieces. Books can also be used as an accessory as can a new lamp or a new lamp shade on an existing lamp.

6. It’s all about the lighting.

Lighting can change the look and feel of any room. I’m a firm believer in a dimmer switch for all lighting in a home. This allows you to design a lighting concept that works for your space and brings certain areas and showpieces to the forefront while muting other areas.

7. Don’t forget the bar.

Find an old TV cart or end table and reinvent it. Paint it, top it with glass and texture it with a new finish. Then showcase your wines and liquors.

8. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Paint an accent wall black. Find a photo you love and try to create something similar. Wall coverings and intense paint colors are great for that.

9. Re-invent with fabric.

Fabrics can be purchased from an interior designer or from a craft or fabric store and can be used to reupholster everything from chairs and couches to throw pillows to give your room a bold new look.

10. Add luxury without spending a fortune.

Add a plush area rug, a decorative candle with a warm, inviting scent or custom pillows for a regal touch.

11. Always be mindful of quality.

If you have run out of items to repurpose and choose to purchase a few new items to enhance your home, consider quality before hitting the buy button on that internet home décor site. Always inquire about what the product is made of and how difficult it may be to assemble. Also be sure to measure your space to make sure it will fit the area you purchased it for.

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