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Enter to Win Mother-Daughter Makeover Contest

Celebrate special occasions and milestones in the lives of mothers and daughters. Enter to wine a mother-daughter makeover at Marilyn Monroe Spas.

Enter to Win Mother-Daughter Makeover Contest

In this season of proms, graduations and Mother’s Day celebrations, I am pleasantly reminded of my daughter getting ready for her prom. As I flashback to the many milestones we celebrated through the years, it felt like only yesterday she was a baby, taking her first steps. Looking in the mirror as she had her hair and makeup done for her prom, there she was, suddenly, a young lady. There were so many emotions for me as we shared this special day at the Marilyn Monroe Spa near our home; I reflected on how much both of us had grown and how much fun we have had together. In the spa, we began one of those milestone days that we will remember for a lifetime.


Now I am happy to see a Lifestyle reader mom-and-daughter duo enter to win an opportunity for a similar experience. Throughout the month of April, Marilyn Monroe Spas, in conjunction with Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine invite you to share with us why you feel your mother or your daughter deserves a makeover.

Go to www.CentralFloridaLifestyle.com/makeover and share your story so we can create more milestone memories for mothers and daughters at Marilyn Monroe Spas.
Readers will vote online to select the makeover recipients and the makeovers will be featured in our June issue.

We look forward to hearing your stories!


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