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5-Step Paper Flowers for Cinco de Mayo

Make your own Cinco de Mayo decorations with this step-by-step guide.

5-Step Paper Flowers for Cinco de Mayo

These festive paper flowers are super easy to make for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta this weekend. You can also make them entirely red to represent the garland of roses awarded to the Kentucky Derby winner each year, since the “fastest two minutes in sports” will be held on May 5. Or decorate with a combination of both if you’re planning to host a combined Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo celebration.

What you need:
Tissue paper (5 pieces per flower)

First, separate the tissue paper by color in any sequence you prefer. Switch up the color sequence for each flower to give the wall a brighter appearance.

Place each piece of tissue on top of the other then fold accordion style. That means make one fold that is approximately 2.5 inches then flip and fold the other direction. Keep going until you have folded the entire section of tissue paper.

Once accordion fold is completed, fold the tissue paper in half and staple it in the middle to make the center of the flower.

Pull up each layer by color one at a time and fluff as needed. Cut down the first and second layers to create the center of the flower.

Keep going until all layers of tissue paper are fluffed into a flower shape. If you prefer a more 3D flower, staple the edges together to seal off any openings in the tissue paper. With that final step, your festive paper flower will be complete.


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