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The Art of Make Believe

Stretch your imagination as a family to create your own unique chalk art in your driveway.

The Art of Make Believe

By Ashley Moore and Catie Moore
Photos by Brady Gin Photography

Set Your Imagination Free
The whole family can get involved in this chalk art project. All you need is a box of chalk, a clear concrete space and your imagination. We included some ideas here to get you started, but the beauty of this activity is that it can be anything you want it to be. The fun comes from planning it out together based on the things your family loves to do.

Theme it to your family’s favorite vacation destination.
Whether your trips are to the beach, the mountains or a theme park, the opportunities for a cute vacation souvenir are endless. Brainstorm this one together so you can include everyone’s favorite moments.

Theme it to your child’s interests.
Anything will work here, from sports like basketball and gymnastics to activities such as ballet, karate and or playing an instrument. The photo could be a fun gift for your child’s teacher.

Theme it to your child’s favorite nursery rhyme or book.
Bring the characters to life and transport your child to the world of their favorite story. Not only is it a cute photo-op but it’s also a way to instill a love of reading in your kids.


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