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Tech-Inspired Art

The Lake Nona Town Center is opening its first phase this winter, and with it comes the launch of a public art project that integrates technology and programming into its design. The art was created through collaboration with internationally renowned artists, JEFRE and Michael Counts.

Smartphone Drug Test

David Nash, a graduate student at the University of Central Florida, is working together with a team of students to further develop their smartphone-based, handheld drug test system that can be used by local - and maybe one day national - law enforcement officers.

Top Talent For Software Engineering

Intego Group is a leading software engineering and IT outsourcing provider that bridges the gap between technologies and business strategy for both large and small companies worldwide. Software development is in high demand with some companies doing whatever it takes to find the right talent for their needs. Over the past few years, organizations such as […]

Disaster-Related Phone Apps: A Life-Saving Device!

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