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A League of Their Own

Adult athletic leagues allow those out of school the opportunity to socialize, build relationships, enjoy some friendly competition and stay active.

The Gift of Life

This East Orlando family defied the odds and achieved their goal of having a baby with help from a friend.

Garage Paradise

Garages are wonderful things. If you have one you already know this. A garage is like an extra house, where you can keep all the stuff you don’t want in your actual house. When I was growing up in Hawaii and California we had carports, so I missed out on the experience of having a […]

Top Talent For Software Engineering

Intego Group is a leading software engineering and IT outsourcing provider that bridges the gap between technologies and business strategy for both large and small companies worldwide. Software development is in high demand with some companies doing whatever it takes to find the right talent for their needs. Over the past few years, organizations such as […]

Family Ties

I’m not a Native Floridian, but my newborn son Micah is. More surprisingly he is a third-generation Orlandinian. Ask any three people around town where they are from originally and chances are they are not from Florida, let alone Orlando. It’s a sign of the times for just about every city or town: Fewer people […]

Love Your Heart

Heart disease is often called the silent killer. Two Central Florida heart specialists share what you can do to reduce your risks and get or stay heart healthy.

Service with a Smile

The Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips is a service organization that focuses on helping the local and global community and having fun doing it.

Life Lessons

This Southwest Orlando resident says being diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old was shocking, but she has learned so much about herself and what's truly important in her journey.

A Helping Heart

This Orlando resident went from living on the streets to helping families in need.

Blossoming Color

Radiant orchid is Pantone’s color for 2014, and it just happens to be a great spring color. Check out these items that will make you feel like spring has sprung and will likely keep the compliments blooming.

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