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Hometown Hauntings

RIP Hunters Paranormal Investigations Orlando investigates claims of paranormal activity in the Central Florida area.

A Community Comes Together

After surviving a bonfire accident, this Clermont police officer received overwhelming support from the community and others worldwide, and he is now on the road to recovery.

Striving for Excellence

Tiffany Zweifel strives for personal excellence in academics and athletics while she gives her time to help others through volunteering.

Stepping Up – The Dempsey Family

This Southwest Orlando couple discovered that it takes patience, hard work and a full commitment to make their blended family a success.

A Hand Up

By providing basic necessities, The Forgotten Ones ensures Central Florida youth do not fall through the cracks of the system after leaving foster care.

A Lifetime Together – The Felands

This Southwest Orlando couple is proof that sometimes the true blessings in life, like your perfect future spouse, can appear right before you when you least expect it.

Branching Out

From small agricultural areas to booming urban communities, Oviedo and Dr. Phillips both have grown to offer residents everything they need to live comfortably in Orlando.

Dr. Santambrosio Providing Medical Care Around The World

Some of Florida Hospital's physicians participate in the hospital's Global Mission Initiative. After generously helping the people in an Argentinian village, as well as other countries, these doctors remembered the real reason they first went into medicine.

Opposites Attract

Through the Dueling Dragons of Orlando dragon boat team, police offers and teenagers work together through boating to develop a deeper understanding of each others’ worlds.

Zac Zweifel Brightens The World And Warms Hearts

A beaming smile on a child’s face not only brightens the world but also warms the heart. Zac Zweifel of Dr. Phillips has made it his mission to bring a smile to the faces of everyone around him. As a 7th grader at Holy Family Catholic School (HFCS), all the teachers look forward to seeing […]

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