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Sing a Song of Self-Worth

Jasmin Rhia, a Dr. Phillips local, teaches kids to be kind to others, but particularly to themselves, through music at her Know Your Worth Musical Workshop.

A Vacation Rental Revolution

With an extensive background in economic development, Denis Hanks uses his expertise to revolutionize the way property owners provide lodging for Florida’s tourists. Annually, the Florida vacation rental market is a $31 billion industry. Within that revenue, nearly 50 percent of Florida’s 116 million tourists stay in alternative lodging. This is where Hanks, the executive […]

A Courageous Commitment

Mike McFadden dedicated eight years of his life to serving in the U.S. Army and spent several of those years deployed to Iraq. Now he shares his story.

Family Cuisine

Family time at the dinner table allows relatives to partake in meaningful conversations while enjoying dishes that have been passed down through many generations.

Aggressively Instilling Confidence

This local brother-and-sister duo has found confidence through martial arts training.

Going Back to College – Peter Collins

School is back in session for this Winter Garden resident who recently returned to college to earn a second degree.

Mission: Possible Southwest

Justin Valiquette along with Brandon Butler and his family left the comfort of their homes in Central Florida to disciple to others during a time usually allocated for family togetherness – Christmas time.

Living the American Dream

Locals, whose roots began in another country but now call the United States home, share what being an American means to them.

Growing a New Generation

The Leadership 4Girls program teaches girls how to navigate tough situations, developing young leaders along the way.

Hooray for the PTA

While many parents may think joining a parent advisory organization at their child’s school will add extra work to their already busy schedules, two local participants say that isn’t so.

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